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Dept. of Public Health (WIC Program)

Fee Schedule:

Full Time:
35-45 hours per week - $300.00

We offer a 20% sibling discount!


Infant / Toddler Program

This program is designed to provide infants and toddlers with quality, developmentally-appropriate experiences. Our teachers realize that parents are their children's first and best teachers. Our staff members include the whole family in the program through activities such as open houses, parent discussion groups and parent conferences. Our teachers welcome and value parent input.


Our young children spend the day in a bright, colorful environment and enjoy lots of quality one-on-one time with the instructors who are attuned to their developmental needs. Teachers work on building attachments, self-control and confidence and foster imitative play.


Children are fortified for their busy days with a healthful breakfast, lunch and snack.

Building a love of learning, one child at a time.

For infants:

  • staff provides relationship-based activities
  • individualized programs
  • one-on-one time to develop daily routines
  • exploration of sensory awareness with colors, textures, sounds and feelings
  • plenty of 'tummy time' to build increased muscle control and stamina in preparation for crawling
  • activities and interactions to support development in all areas, including social-emotional, cognitive, physical and language

For toddlers:

  • the opportunity to explore and develop new abilities in protective surroundings
  • muscle coordination is developed with age-appropriate toys
  • group interactions are used to build verbalization and social skills
  • teachers stress independence, self-esteem and a love of learning
  • opportunities to celebrate diversity
  • responsive planning
  • positive guidance strategies
  • help with toilet training